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GPO template question, upgrading from XD 7.* to 1912



Hi all,


I'm running XD 7.x.

I'm in the very beginning of a new, parallel build using 1912.

Single domain.


1. Will the Group Policy templates that come with 1912 possibly break 7.x functionality?

2. You can't overwrite an existing template with the same name in AD so what will the new DDC installation do?

     Will it try to update the Citrix template in AD?

     Will I have to manually delete the existing template and copy the new one over? This definitely sounds like it will break 7.x functionality.  :/






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The templates define what settings are available in group policy editor. When you configure a group policy setting, the configuration is stored in a registry.pol file. If you update the templates, the registry.pol file does not change so whatever you configured before is still configured but the new templates will show new settings in the GPO editor.

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