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HA Pair Time Synchronization

Tony Flanagan

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I have a pair of Netscaler 12.1.58 VM's running on VMware and have recently seen issues with the time of the secondary device, which seems to increase in it's time difference. 


I've manually set the date/time on both devices and found that the secondary then slowly moves ahead in it's time difference. I have also set an NTP server on the pair and this also doesn't appear to keep the secondary in check.


I did cat the  /etc/ntp.conf and /nsconfig/ntp.conf but they have the same details and I also ran a kill of the time process and ran ntpdate again for my time server but its made no difference.


Must admit that we have never had to set any NTP before and only recently noticed this issue when a failover has occurred and the secondary time is so far out that it causes a failing logon to Citrix Xenapp. This may be related to new VM hardware but I can't be sure and it's strange that the time does seem to slowly get ahead of itself on the secondary which is sat there.


Any advice gratefully received.

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Thanks Carl,


ntpdate gives this error once I've killed the process and run ntpdate again...I did try this yesterday and can't remember getting this error but I've added a Virtual IP to the NTP server under networks and I can now ping the NTP IP and UDP is open from the netscaler management to the UDP/ping are enabled.



22 Jan 10:28:08 ntpdate[25166]: no server suitable for synchronization found


show ntp status...
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 10.xxx.xxx.xxx  .INIT.          16 u    -   16    0    0.000   +0.000   0.000


looks like something isn't right accessing the infoblox time server in our DMZ from the Netscaler management network but the Virtual IP I've created (green status now) is allowing ping and UDP is also open. Can only imagine the netscaler networks are stopping it somehow?



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Hi Carl,


Yeh that's what I did Carl to get that sync 'no server suitable for synch found'.


Do you think that it may need an auth ID and data key from the Infoblox maybe? Would I see this type of error with the lack of an ID to allow it to talk to the Infoblox DNS synch I wonder.


Can that 'pool.ntp.org' be used as a source then please?

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