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Published app doesn't recognize clicking on the desktop screen (double hop)

Christopher Schoumlnfeld


Hey guys, 


got some issues while working with a specifically published application. The problem presents itself as follows:


First I start a Session to the published desktop and then I start the published app wich makes problems (double hop). 

Now in the app itself I open some menus (similar the windows start menu). While the menus are still opened I click on the desktop screen and now the menus should close normally. But it seems like the menus are frozen now. When I switch back by clicking on the app the menus are still frozen and I can overlay them by open some new menus. The "frozen" menus are all the time clickable and working.

Seems like the published app doesn't recognize clicking on the desktop screen. 


When the specifically app is installed on the published Desktop locally (no double hop) all works fine. The menus closing by clicking outside the app.


Anyone an idea how I can get this working in a double hop scenario?


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1 hour ago, Anjani Bhiravabhatla said:



Looks like similar issue got fixed in Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.9 LTSR CU9 Hotfix 2 (4.9.9002) . Could you upgrading to the mentioned Citrix receiver and let us know if the issue is fixed .







I installed the latest version of Citrix Workspace app 19.12.3000 for Windows. No difference in behavior. 


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