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Can we change Temporary storage for MCS machine catalog

Arun Kumar K R


Hi All,


We have an existing MCS Machine Catalog with pooled Server OS deployment. In hosting connection OS storage is pointing to SAN and Temporary Storage is pointing to Local ESX host disk.  

1. As far as i understood, 16MB HDD of clone machine will be deployed in ESX Local storage.. is it correct.

2. If the ESX Local storage is not available, what is the impact to Clone servers. 

3. Is it possible to change this Temporary Storage location to SAN (where the OS disk located) with out recreating the Machine Catalog. 

4. Temporary storage which is pointing to ESX Local HDD shows as Unavailable, and got a confirmation from VMware team there is no files available in local ESX storage. In this case, if the 16MB disk is pointing to same SAN location where OS disk located, is it OK to point Temporary Storage location under hosting connection to point to SAN. Will there be any impact for this action and do i need to redeploy Machine Catalog.


Please help. 

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There is no other options then to recreate the machine catalog. If you use local storage then you can't migrate the Citrix vm's to another host. When creating the new machine catalog you have an option to set the temporary storage to local storage. deselect that, so you van set the temporary storage on a datastore on the SAN.


You can just delete the machine catalog. The vm's will still coexist. The users can still work on those vm's who are logged on. Only new logons will not be processed. During the creation of the machine catalog, then you have an option to create new machines. You can choose to have Citrix let them create for you or create the computer accounts yourself and link them to the existing account. Point MCS to the vda template and let it build the machines again. If you use the same computer accounts and names then you have to power off thé existing ones. So if you're doing this during production hours it is best to create new computer accounts.

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