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ADC - Access to different stores

Peter Middleton

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Hi everyone,


We have a few different stores in use, mainly split between apps for normal users and apps for admins. When users open the Workspace Windows client they are prompted on which store they want to use. I would like to be able to replicate this when logging on externally through the NetScaler. 


I'm unclear on how to achieve this. Logging on externally does give you access to the apps you need but presented through the "default" store. Is there a way that you can create a session profile / policy that will direct members of an AD security group to a particular web interface address.


Thank you.

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If you want to make the decision for users, then policies based on group as Carl suggested is the easy way.


If you want the user to have the choice of which storefront to access when signing in via gateway, then you could present a store list using the AAA domain dropdown function and make it store names instead. Then based on which store is selected configure session policies to go to the storefront as needed.  I can't mock up an example until after work today though, if that's not enough for you to figure out.  But here is the vanilla multi-domain example:  https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2020/08/27/lessons-from-the-field-nfactor-otp-and-multiple-domains/ or this one https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX201760.


For services site access (workspace app) via gateway, this will be trickier for services clients and may not work as expected.  A muti-site provisioning file would a configured workspace app access to multiple stores.  If you can assign the services URL based on device or user domain or user group, then that would work via usual policy design. But to give user a choice at gateway connection is hard, because once the client is configured it won't ask again without a reset.    Having separate gateways, would allow the CVAD environment to filter when you do or don't see apps, but I don't know of a way to let the users choose services URLs upon different gateway sign ins (If this is what you are asking.)

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Thanks both for your responses. 


Carl - yes, this is for the web browser. It works as expected for the Workspace app. I'm not too used to NetScalers (yet) but will have a look in this direction. I'll probably stop by your website before I look at the official documentation.


Rhonda - I'll probably go down Carl's route first as it does look easier. I may well take a look at your answer though at a later date as this could be useful in our environment for other things.

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