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I can't uninstall the application from my computer


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This might seem counter intuitive at first.


Go to receiver.citrix.com, download the latest version of Citrix Workspace app. (Which replaced receiver) and install it using the additional command line parameter /forceinstall


Assuming you downloaded the CitrixWorkSpaceApp to your downloads folder (default). It would be the following command that will need to be run.


Access run command by holding the Windows key then pressing the letter R.. Paste/type below command.

"%userprofile%\downloads\CitrixWorkSpaceApp.exe" /forceinstall


Note: if you have multiple copies of workspaceapp in your downloads folder the latest version may be called citrixworkspaceapp(1).exe, citrixworkspaceapp(2).exe, citrixworkspaceapp(3).exe. You would need to adjust the command above to account for that. (sort by modified date to determine newest).


Once the install is hopefully completed. Remove Citrix workspace app as normal from add/remove programs.

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