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How to copy Edge Extension Configuration from local folder to roaming profile

Jeff Koelker1709162466


We will utilize Edge Chromium as our default browser in our new xenapp 715 environment. I was able to set the roaming profile directory within the Edge GPO template and it does copy the profile.pb file into my roaming profile. BTW I use windows roaming profiles and not Citrix. We are wanting to add an extension from the chrome store into the Edge browser which we've successfully done via group policy but now are running into issues with the configuration of that extension being saved to the C:\Users\********\AppData\Local folder and not the roaming profile folder specified in GPO via policy entry "Set the roaming profile directory". I'm looking for a way with Windows roaming profiles and GPO to have this copied back to a users roaming profile so they don't have to re-configure this extension each time they sign on. 


Thanks in advance for the help. I do appreciate it. 

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55 minutes ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



As far as I know, it's not possible to manage any folders besides AppData/Roaming with Windows Roaming profile, you would need at least Citrix Profile Management preferably FSLogix Profile Container for that.

Thanks Kasper.


Would something like this be achievable within policies contained in Citrix Studio. We have a 6.5 Citrix environment we are already using and have always used Windows roaming profiles so I'm hoping not to redo everything already established at this point. 

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No, Citrix policies will not help you here.


You basically need something a bit more "intelligent" than Windows Roaming profile to achieve what you want.

You could try something like a logoff and logon script. Where you copy the extension configuration to the user's home drive at logoff and copy the extension configuration back into the profile at logon. However I have no idea if that would work, so you'll have to do some tests

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