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HDX Adaptive Transport on a custom UDP Port?

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Hi Guys,


I was wondering what the behaviour for HDX Adaptive Transport would be for a Citrix Gateway VPN Vserver which is configured to use an alternative port other than TCP 443? Let's say for example, that I have an ADC inside the DMZ and the Citrix Gateway VPN Vserver is configured for TCP 8443. TCP/UDP 8443 is open on the external firewall and TCP /UDP 14949,2598 is open on the internal firewall to all of my VDA's. Would enabling DTLS on the VPN Vserver and enabling HDX Adaptive Transport via Studio policies mean that HDX adaptive Transport will attempt to run on UDP 8443 by default, or is there an additional configuration step which would need to be carried out somewhere to configure the custom UDP port?


Thanks in advance,


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