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Client IP address in TCP option

Angelo Pollastro

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Hi All,

i have Citrix ADC VPX NS13.0 67.39.nc.

I use netscaler with SNIP configuration and all works, for virtual service SSL i use SSL_Bridge configuration because the customer don't want use certificate installed on the netscaler.

But customer need to know  the original IP of the PC making the https request, for this reason i try to follow this procedure, add in tcp option the soruce ip:

Client IP address in TCP option: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/client-ip-address-in-tcp-option.html


But i don't know if work, i'm not a expert about netscaler and i use only the GUI.

I try to duplicate TCP profile in system - profile i take the "nstcp_default_profile" and add "client ip tcp option" and in "

Client IP TCP Option Number" i have add 28.


After in traffic management - service group - i have bind the new tcp profile at the service group 

After in  traffic management - virtual server i have bind the new tcp profile at the virtual server 


The procedure it's correct? Anyone know if work this approach?

I try to analized with wireshark the tcp traffic but i don't find the original source ip


I add some screenshot about my configuration


Many thx in advanced for any help


Image 001.png

Image 003.png

Image 002.png

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One option is to change from SSL_BRIDGE to SSL so you can use the Client IP Header Insertion feature.


Another option is to enable USIP (Use Source IP) in your Service Group and then change the Default Gateway on your web servers to be a SNIP on the Citrix ADC so reply traffic goes through the ADC. Both sides of the conversation must go through ADC.



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