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Image size sometimes needs to be much more than expected

Stephen Borrill


I've found it is sometimes necessary to set the Layered Image Disk Size to be much more than the minimum in order to successfully publish. For instance, I have one template where the minimum is displayed as 108GB, but which needed the size to be set to 200GB (170GB was not enough).


The error in the web console is: A failure occurred while publishing the Layered Image:  An error occurred while compositing the layer or image.  Please check the available disk space on the local storage or the size of the target image.


This corresponds to errors like the following in UniSysLibLog:


2021-01-12 21:23:36 ERROR 11603 [uni.ca.syslib.copyfolder] CopyFolder(2270): CopyFolder: task 8c9c79, failed to make directory '/mnt/CAMS/8C9C79_73de441d-0aa3-4aba-8f0f-6c57c14af79f_mpt/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Updates/Download/PackageFiles/BEA260B7-3DC9-43A8-BF86-51D99298139F/root/vfs/ProgramFilesCommonX86/Microsoft Shared/THEMES16/CASCADE', errno 28 (No space left on device)




2021-01-19 10:17:30 WARN  55482 [uni.ca.syslib.copyfolder] CopyFileContents(1624): CopyFileContents: try 1, target file open('/mnt/CAMS/8CA275_fcf7277a-3a91-41cf-90ba-57011c61915e_mpt/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe InDesign CS6/Plug-Ins/Layout/(Info Panel Resources)/idrc_LOCR/3800.idrc') failed, error 28 (No space left on device)


In the latter case, at the time of the error, the vDisk being built was 31% full:

/dev/nbd1250p1                 140G   43G   98G  31% /mnt/CAMS/8CA275_fcf7277a-3a91-41cf-90ba-57011c61915e_mpt


And there was plenty of space on the appliance itself:

/dev/mapper/unidesk_vg-xfs_lv  600G  481G  119G  81% /mnt/repository

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