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How to reduce the VM storage in order to increase the local storage

Stefano Branca1709162545



I've a silly question about a new installation of XenCenter. I've 2 SSD disks of 512 Gb each and I set one disk ad VM storage and the other as Local storage.
I just realize that I'll use just a few part of the first disk with a huge waste of space...

Is it possible to shrik the the space of the VM storage (for instance by creating a new partition) and use it to increare the local storage ?


Does it make sense to export the VM and reinstall the Citrix by using both the disks and reimport the VM ?


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Did you not create any local storage on the first disk? If there is a free partition, you can add local storage using the CLI, only (it's not possible to add any local store through XenCenter, unfortunately). The alternative is to reinstall and as you said, first export the VMs and their metadata first so you cn reload them back.



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I would expect XenServer to use the rest of the first disk as local storage, not sure if it would even look at the second

disk unless you added it with sr-introduce as a second storage manually. All of my servers were single disk or single

logical disk, I don't remember ever throwing two disks at one on install so I'm not sure what it does.




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