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How to get a history of the LB monitor probe for troubleshooting?

Björn Jeide

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I am looking for a way to generate a history of probes for a load balancer vServer monitor. I would like to have the "Last Response" as a value in it.
I would like to be able to choose the time period freely.
I use the ADC 13.0.x and the ADM 13.0.x.
Background is that I would like to know the reason for the failure of a LB vServer and not only information about the fact that it was down for a short time and then up again.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to say, but it's not there. I don't know how to get it. As far as I know, ADC stores just the current vallue, no history. You may use NITRO or SNMP to read it, but there is no access to this information.


The information also is available from insider ADC: show service <name_of_the_service> will return the status

1)      Monitor Name: tcp-default
                State: UP       Weight: 1       Passive: 0
                Probes: 16502   Failed [Total: 36 Current: 0]
                Last response: Success - TCP syn+ack received.
                Response Time: 0.0 millisec


But there is nothing like a log. I think, the simplest way would be, using an alert action in Citrix ADM to run a script, extracting and logging this information.




Johannes Norz




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Hi Johannes!


Thank you for the comment.

But I think, there must be a history somewhere inside the ADC logs, because if you switch to the Dashboard of your ADC you can browse the lastest monitor status in the System Log window in the upper right.

How can I get this useful information via email or to the ADM?

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