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Dynamic DNS with Citrix Hypervisor

Allan Jones


I am just beginning my exploration with Citrix Hypervisor.  I have done lots of hosting of apache web servers with dynamic DNS, and also in the cloud, but I have a question:


I am setting up CH to host three web servers that different configuration requirements, thus 3 different VMs, and I am using a self-hosted box, so I will be using Dynamic DNS today.


At a high level, how do I configure the DDNS?  I am going forward with:

  • Static IP address within my local networks to the Citrix Hypervisor box (optional?) I guess I need it static to hit it with the Windows management client.
  • Just DDNS on each of the apache-server-VMs? 


I guess that is the way that it would have to be, since each webserver will be associated with a different subdomain (crm.domain.com, ats.domain.com, rtf.domain.com).


Any other ways to set up the IP, that I should consider?

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I think, this is the wrong forum. It's not about Citrix Gateway, it's not even about any of our networking device, so there will hardly be a Citrix Hypervisor guy here.


As far as I know, Citrix Hypervisor should have static IPs, and usually, you won't want to make it available from the internet. So static IP there is fine.


Do you run any kind of NATing device in front? Most of these devices are able to do DynDNS. Let it do so.

If not, your Apaches need to register themselves. Should not be a big issue.


So in the end, it turns out to be not even a Citrix Hypervisor question, but an Apache question (how can I make my Apaches register themselves in DynDNS). Even though, most guys here know about Apache, it would be better asked in an Apache forum.




Johannes Norz




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