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How can I get special characters #|[]{} every time?

Daniel Habluetzel


From Citrix Viewer (Version: (2012)) on MacOS 11.1 I use Remote Desktop to my Windows computer in my office.

Swiss German keyboard layout on my MacBook Air, on my Apple keyboard and also on the Windows computer in the office. The problem also occurs when I use a Windows keyboard with my Mac.


When I want to type "#" I have to use the option key together with the "3" key (option-3), but it gives me as many "3" as "#": 33###333##3#333####3

Same problem for "[" (option-5): [[üü[üü[[[ü[ (instead of [[[[[[[[[[[[[[)

For "]" (option-6): ¨]¨¨¨]¨]¨¨]]]]]

For "|" (option-7): 7||||7||||7

For "{" (option-8): {{{ää{{{{ääää

For "}" (option-9): }}}$}$}}}} 


To get "ä" and "ü" is especially strange, since Swiss German keyboards have separate dedicated keys for "ä" and "ü".


What can I do to always get the desired character?

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