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Patched Application Layer not updating existing application dll's

Richard DiFolco


Good Afternoon all.  


I have come into a situation where creating either a replacement layer or version change to an existing application layer, dll's which were updated as part of a hotfix or patch is not applied to the users full profile.  The only time we see the changes I made to the image be it the application version or replacement is when we force the user to recreate their windows full user layer vhd.


Has this occurred to anyone? Your solutions or something I should look into?  We have a major hotfix that needs to be rolled out and I would be hung if I had to tell our user environment they all needed new profiles.


Thank you in advance.

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The User Layer(UL) data is the highest priority, when we merge the various layers. In your case those dll's are being updated, by the user and saved in the UL disk. Thus anything in it would supersede any new or updated layer. When you clear, reset the users UL disk, you remove the wrong, older data and the data from the app layer is applied. This you already proved.

Without fully resetting the UL disk, you could do a repair. See the steps in the below article, in the section, Repair a user layer. Also, you may want to determine why the users are updating those dll's and how to avoid them from doing so.


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