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Change IP address for Citrix License Server or Reinstall

Mike Kreitzer


We have new IP address space and need to update our IP address on the Citrix License Server Virtual Appliance v11.16.3.0. We have changed the IP in Centos7 and networking is functioning with new IP but the system information screen still shows our old IPv4 and I cant figure out how to change. Is it possible or do I need to reinstall and configure the license server?

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By experience installing a new license server is not as easy as you think. Citrix Support needs to release and re-assign the licenses for you in order to re-issue them to a new host-ID. The removal of the old licenses requires a Certificate of Destruction signed by a C-level executive or the new license server to be connected to LUI. 


As long as the licensing is functioning the system information showing the wrong IP should not matter. Have you tried to restart the license server? Remember that if you have a PVS farm you need to reconfigure the license bit there as well.  

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Im curious about this too.

I just installed the 'Windows Based' version of the license server and it seems to just arbitrarily pick an IP address... I have 6 NICs doing different things.

The one it picked cannot see any other network (intentional!)... 


Is there really no parameter to specify or an Apache.conf file containing which interface this binding should be allocated to and advertised on?

I cannot imagine this is the first time anyone has run into this...


EDIT:  After spending a stupid amount of time reviewing various files under the C:\program files (x86)\Citrix\* directory... I cannot find anything referring to the NIC's ipAddress.  (Grep would be useful here!!!).  


In the long run, I removed all the adapters in the system via disablement.  Uninstalled Citrix License Manager, deleted the 'Program Files (x86)\Citrix' folder, and then reinstalled.  It then selected the proper adapter.  Seems silly though - is there something more graceful than a RACE condition to select an adapter?

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