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Looking for information to migrate from a Netscaler MPX9700 FIPS to a Virtual VPX (Non-FIPS requirement)

Pearson VUE ATS

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Our MPX9700's are out of date and the path forward is to go from these physical appliances and stand up Virtual Appliances (VPX).  Our Citrix Rep stated that as long as we were on Version 12.1 of the Firmware shouldn't be a problem.  We'll need to stand up these Virtual Appliances and validate before we shift to them.  So looking for documentation on how to do this migration.


Should add a secondary question, should the New VPX have the latest firmware of 13.0 or 12.1 since the Netscaler MPX is running NS12.1 55.190.nc

Any thoughts are appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you Carl, I just wanted to summarize what I believe we need to do.  I'm going to use the firmware from Citrix ADC VPX Release 12.1 (https://www.citrix.com/downloads/citrix-adc/virtual-appliances/netscaler-vpx-release-121.html).


On the ESX which will host the new Virtual Appliances, provision a new Appliance with a new NSIP and a temporary SNIP for connectivity.  These should be in the same networks as the current production MPX9700's.


Provision within ESX ( Although I am struggling with the system requirements that would need to be setup for disk, CPU, memory, etc.) - Do I just base on my existing which would be along the lines of 8*CPU, CPU2835 MHZ, I can see memory used, but not finding what the unit actually has.


Once provisioned, import into the ESX the 12.1 firmware following  instructions to https://www.carlstalhood.com/system-configuration-citrix-adc-13/#vpxhardware.  


Complete the initial configuration to test out connectivity and system health.


When ready for cutover, can import the current config from the MPX9700 following your instructions, https://www.carlstalhood.com/migrate-citrix-adc-config-to-new-adc-appliances/.  Looks like this will work for our stand-alone and HA Configurations.


Thanks - initially since I don't manage the backend ESX, I have to be able to give them the initial requirements and initial installation and then I can configure.


Thanks in advance.




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