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Mouse Sensitivity with Window Boarders

Trey Wessel


Good Morning All,


I've been working on publishing a construction estimating tool in our 1912 LTSR environment. Basically a PDF is loaded into the app and users can do mark ups and note where certain items will go. When you stay on the visual screen everything is fine, but if you drawing or making a mark up and approach the window boarder the windows scrolls really fast.


You can see in the attached picture. I was able to draw the triangle on screen with no issue, but if I try to draw and approach the boarder to continue the drawing to scroll the screen, it jumps way out of the screen.


If you try with the app installed locally its fine. I'm suspecting this is something related to latency so I've lowered the frame rate to 20 FPS. That's made it a small bit better but nothing like the local install. Also to note.. I see the same results in RDP.









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