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Upgrade from Storefron 7.15 CU6 to 1912 with Windows 2012R2 to 2019

Sabine Ludewig1709156713

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Hi guys, hope you can give me some advice on this.

My client want to migrate from Win2012r2 to Win2019 and from XenApp 7.15 to 1912

My original idea, as found in a CTX article, was to set up two new Servers with Windows 2019, install SF 7.15 CU6, Export/import SF settings and upgrade to SF 1912.

But according to the product manual, SF 7.15 is not supported on Win2019, only up to Win2016.

Would it work anyway or do I have to get two temp. server 2012R2, do the SF upgrade as planned and then move to Win2019 in a second step?

Thanks a lot

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You follow the below procedure...


1. On WS2012R2, upgrade SF 7.15 to 1912 CU2

2. Monitor the users for 1-2days. No issues reported.

3. OS Upgrade - two new Servers with Windows 2019

4. Install SF 1912 CU2, Export/Import SF Settings.





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