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Citrix opens in Citrix VIEWER but not in Citrix WORKSPACE - new problem in macOS and iOS

Thomas Monaghan




           I hope I'm explaining this correctly:


Some time ago we upgraded from CITRIX VIEWER to CITRIX WORKSPACE.

WORKSPACE actually worked really, really  well.


However about 2-3 weeks ago, across all Mac Platforms (macOS and iOS), a CITRIX initialisation on my home computer or iPad no longer spawns WORKSPACE.

The old Citrix VIEWER is now spawned instead on my viewing computer at home or on my iPad at home.


This can't be screen maximised, and VIEWER has lost all the functionality of WORKSPACE


I've upgraded WORKSPACE on the viewing Mac to 2012, then when that failed  deleted WORKSPACE from my mac (including emptying the Bin), reinstalled it in as an older version as 1912, then deleted it again and reinstalled and I've been careful to delete VIEWER too ---- but it only ever spawns Citrix VIEWER now , not CITRIX WORKSPACE.


Nothing works to get Citrix WORKSPACE going: Citrix VIEWER in the old blue bordered window opens each time.

VIEWER is OKish, and it allows me basic functionality. But it is not as good as WORKSPACE.


I suspect it’s obviously something to do with using a Mac/iPAD as this installation is working now in WORKSPACE for a colleague on a PC.

But the viewing computer is a new 16 inch iMac with an intel x86 chip and everything is uptodate, and  with 16gigs of RAM and this is not a stability issue.


The source computer is on a system won't let us install beyond 19.12.1001.3, for stability issues, because we are a very large organisation.


I'd be very grateful for any suggestions,


thanks a mil,


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