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Buidling new XenAPp 7.19 enviroment

Frank Puma


I am getting intermittent issues while testing my new enviroment.  When trying to launch an app it works only half the time.  When it doesnt work it tries to load and then goes away.  Then it tries again.  When i look at the event viewer on the xenapp server i get this error.


The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session 792150a5-bbb5-4d94-a94e-af0433431c18 for user 'fpuma' has ended; reason code ConnectionFailure.

Event ID: 1030


Also i have noticed that my local profile is not getting deleted off the server after i log off.  I have all the GPOs set and triple checked that it should be deleting.

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I just got the error on an internal user.


The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session 9c4acf6e-7d8c-47ac-b42f-fd0f8924a97a for user 'test' has ended; reason code ConnectionFailure.


Just before it in Event Viewer i got this.


SearchIndexer (9824) S-1-5-21-1635672107-1295320251-1233803906-6402: The database engine attached a database (3, C:\Users\test\Appdata\Roaming\Citrix\Search\S-1-5-21-1635672107-1295320251-1233803906-6402\S-1-5-21-1635672107-1295320251-1233803906-6402.edb). (Time=0 seconds) 
Internal Timing Sequence: [1] 0.000, [2] 0.000, [3] 0.016, [4] 0.000, [5] 0.062, [6] 0.000, [7] 0.000, [8] 0.000, [9] 0.000, [10] 0.000, [11] 0.000, [12] 0.000. 
Saved Cache: 0 0




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Here is my current configuration. 


Netscaler ADC VPX (50) -


Delivery Controllers - CVDA 1912 LTSR CU2
NOHXDC01.nohc.local (
NOHXDC02.nohc.local (


XenApp Agent - CVDA 1912 LTSR CU2 - CPM - 1912.2000.3
NOHXENAPP01.nohc.local (


Admin Server
NOHXENAPPADMIN.nohc.local ( (Studio, Director, and GPO Management)


StoreFront Servers - 1912 LTSR CU2
XENSTORE01.nohc.local (

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