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Publish public app (SAP Fiori) - host not found

Patrick Schoumlberl


Hi! So far I published only Citrix apps via MDX, now I am trying to publish a public app from the store (SAP Fiori for iOS).


Here is what I did:

Under "Device Policies" I added an "App Configuration Policy", in the "Dictionary content" I added the URL to our internal Fiori server.

Under "Apps" I added the SAP Fiori App from the store.


I can see the app in our store and can install it. When I start the app, I got asked for username/password, but after clicking "OK" I get "Host not found" and do not see an attempt to contact the internal Fiori server on our firewall. Could it be that the phone does a DNS query on the internet instead of asking our internal DNS server?


Do I need to "wrap" the app or something like that?


Thank you, any help is appreciated!



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Hey Patrick,


You may need to use PerAppVPN for public app store apps that require connection to internal resources. Otherwise, you need to publish your services externally.


You need a VPN device policy for VPN configuration and an app attribute policy to specify which app can use the PerAppVPN configuration.


I only found an old blog post from Citrix: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2016/04/19/per-app-vpn-with-xenmobile-and-citrix-vpn/





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On 3/8/2021 at 12:48 PM, Patrick Schöberl said:

Thank you Daniel! In the meantime I heard that the SAP app is being discontinued since it is more or less just a browser, so I can use Secure Web instead to access the data.




You can get the source code of SAP Fiori app and wrap it with MDX toolkit

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