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Citrix ICA could not configure Thinwire and switch to the remote ICA display. - 1912 LTSR CU2 build

James Pethigal1709159219


Brand new environment.

Everything including Controllers, Storefront, VDA & VDI is on 1912 CU2.

NetScaler 12.1 Build 57.18

 VDI is Windows 10 1909

VDA works without issue

ESXI 6.7 build 14320388


We have been unable to get the VDI side of things working.   VDI will start to launch and then close with nothing.   Nothing logged in Storefront, Controller or Director

Took some digging, but found the following error in the Citrix Event logs:

Citrix ICA could not configure Thinwire and switch to the remote ICA display. Rebooting the workstation or logging in at the console will fix this.


I seem to remember this issue a few years back with earlier versions of XenDesktop.  Removing the vm tools SVGA drive usually did the trick. 

Tried removing the SVGS driver- no luck.  Tried rebuilding the image without VMware tools.   Nothing

Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated!   


Cheers - James

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I am seeing the same thing, but on a test Hyper-V 2019 environment.

(so no SVGA device to uninstall)


Win 10 Enterprise LTSB with XenDesktop 1912


I have a GPU passed through to the Windows 10 machine via Hyper-V DDA.  Video card shows up in Device manager without issue. 


Get the identical error you are, along with no errors on Storefront or DDC.  Director does eventually spit an error out, but its a timeout error.


I have opened a case with Citrix to dig into it.

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Slight late post but we encountered this today too. After doing a little digging, it looks like this was our culprit: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX272297 


We are updating the Workspace App following the security bulletin. Updating the Workspace App breaks the VDA. Checking the VDI, it gave the same error James saw. Could be a red herring but thought to share. 



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