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Migration from xenapp 6 to XenApp 7

Robby Lambrechts




Our client wants to migrate from Xenapp 6.5 to 7. However, because there are still some older clients the older web interface 5.4 (pre storefront) is used for the older thin clients, who still use the Citrix Online Plugin and PNAgent and the new users will connect directly to the Citrix XenApp 7.x Storefront store. However they also want to use the web interface to connect to the storefront xml service for some external users. I've managed to successfully set this up, so the external users can connect through the web interface to the new Xenapp 7.x farm. I've configured the web interface to connect to the XML service of the delivery controller via port 80 and http.


Does someone know till which XenApp version the web interface way is supported? Also if I change the base URL of the Xenapp 7 delivery controller to https and port 443, will the xml service still communicate on port 80 and xml transport http or will it listen on 443 and https?


Thanks in advance.



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Delivery Controller and StoreFront are two different softwares. Web Interface would talk to Delivery Controller, not StoreFront, even if both are on the same server.


On your Delivery Controller, if IIS is installed, then you can bind a cert to the Default Web Site and the XML service running on Delivery Controller will respond to https requests.


Web Interface is no longer supported by Citrix so there's no good answer. But if it works, then go for it.

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