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No connection on the VSWITCH interface to the XENSERVER

romuald bouvard


Hello guys,


i'm a little blocked on my xenserver 6.5


I have a cluster of server and a VSWITCH (DVS). On the webinterface, i've a message that mentionne "Server connection failure " and it show all network interface as disconnected.


But i can join all VM on the cluster and the DVS also.


Do you have any idea ?


 in the message log i've -- >


Jan  8 22:43:16 Xen-CL-02 ovsdb-server: 00040|reconnect|WARN|ssl:IPOFDVS: connection attempt failed (Protocol error)
Jan  8 22:43:16 Xen-CL-02 ovsdb-server: 00041|reconnect|INFO|ssl:IPOFDVS: waiting 8 seconds before reconnect


Also, i've Network control channel disconnected message with an orange light.


I tried to import the last version (7.4 for my cluster) it doesn't work and import again the 6.5 version same result.


If you've any idea i take them ;)

thanks for your help.


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HI Alan,


thanks for your answer.


yes i've the good IP of the DVS (I'm using the appliance on the Citrix website) i can ping from xenserver to vswitch and vswstich to appliance.


I don't know where i can search because everthing on my network is open, i only see n the webinterface "server status : server connection failed"


I also tried to import a new appliance with the same result

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Hello Alan,


good new, the vswitch is working again. I DL the 7.5 version then import to a cluster in 7.4 XEN version.


i didn't find in the log the error


messages:32290:Jan  9 09:40:33 SERVERXEN ovsdb-server: 19697|reconnect|WARN|ssl:IP:PORT: connection attempt failed (Protocol error)
messages:32291:Jan  9 09:40:33 SERVERXEN ovsdb-server: 19698|reconnect|INFO|ssl:IP:PORT: waiting 8 seconds before reconnec.


i pet the appliance on the same subnet as hypervisor.


But i'm a little bit afraid because i didnt't find the realy root cause ...

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DVSC is deprecated and no longer supported, being fully removed in Citrix Hypervisor 8.2.


XenServer 6.5 is long out of support and has numerous unpatched and publicly disclosed security vulnerabilities (which have been fixed in newer and in support releases). You make a plan to migrate your deployment to something else as soon as you can.

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