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Storefront Store Automation Powershell


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Hi All, I'm looking for a simple way to configure a Storefront Store using Powershell.  I've taken a look at CTX206009 which has some guidance around that subject. 

Running the following commands:

$SiteID = 1
$AuthenticationVirtualPath = "/Citrix/Authentication"
$authSummary = Get-DSAuthenticationServiceSummary -SiteID $SiteID -VirtualPath $AuthenticationVirtualPath


 Results in:

Getting Authentication Service Summary - /Citrix/Authentication
Reloading feature registry
Getting Authentication Feature Instance - /Citrix/Authentication
No such authentication instance found, 1 /Citrix/Authentication


Which then in turn would result in an argument: Install-DSStoreServiceAndConfigure : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'authSummary' because it is null


Anyone know why this doesn't work or know if there is another powershell script to add stores?


Storefront version 1912 LTSR.


Many Thanks

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