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Question on Non-Persistent VDA's using MCS

Jeff Koelker1709162466


We are building a new 7.15 environment and are using MCS to deploy 2012r2 App Servers. These servers indicate "persist user changes = discard" within Citrix Studio. My understanding of that is, every night when the vda's reboot, everything should be wiped, is that accurate? I ask because I've been testing local group policy changes on one of my vda's just to see how it acts with various changes and these local to the vda group policy changes have remained. I then placed a text file in a folder at the root of the C: drive. That as well remained there though the reboot. Am I confused on what discard is indicating for user changes? Is it only referring to the C:\Users\ and nothing else? Thanks in advance for the help.

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I was doing the reboots through Vmware during the day while troubleshooting group policy and noticing items still visible after reboots. Upon doing the reboot through the Citrix Studio my changes definitely were removed. Thanks for pointing that out.


As far as my scheduled reboots that I have setup on my Delivery Group in Citrix Studio, do they also remove all files/changes to the server upon that reboot?

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