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Is it possible to assign a static route to a specific VIP only?

Adam Reid

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Thanks for the responses. Here is the full context.

  • At some satellite locations, we have an MPLS WAN connection, and also a separate circuit for local internet breakout. 
  • As per Microsoft's recommendation, we want to route Office 365 traffic out of the local internet breakout, rather than across the WAN and out to the internet (many more hops and higher latency if we use WAN).
  • We want to use the PAC file approach to do this as per https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/managing-office-365-endpoints?view=o365-worldwide
  • We want to use the PAC approach because otherwise it is unmanageable to route the traffic using a normal layer 3 router (e.g. because there are hundreds of IP ranges that we cannot automate with that equipment, whereas with a .PAC file we can just specify that https://*.office.com should hit the forward proxy).
  • We have configured Netscaler devices as the forward proxy that the PAC file refers to (configured like http://www.rickroetenberg.com/citrix-netscaler-as-forward-proxy/)
  • However the problem is that the Netscaler's default route is the MPLS WAN connection, not the local internet breakout.
  • Therefore we are wondering if we can set a different default route on just the VIP used for the forward proxy. 
  • So to answer Carl's question, I guess the traffic is between SNIP and internet server.


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