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ADC License

Dennis Haschke

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actually we use 2 Citrix ADC Standard  in clustermode with 2 ADC VPX licenses and some Access GW Platform license.
Now we have upgraded that to Advanced Edition and i have 2 ADC VPX licenses and 2 Access GW Platform license in my license portal.
Now i must assign the VPX licenses to a MAC and the GW Platform licenses to a hostname.

But i have 2 ADC.!! Which hostname/MAC should i use?


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You should assign VPX licenses to each appliance. Each VPX has its own hostID and hostname, so assign VPX license to hostID (first MAC address. Go to NS GUI > System > HW Information > Host ID) and GW license to hostname (CLI > 'sh hostname'). If there is no hostname set you can add it via 'set ns hostname YOUR_NS_NAME'.




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