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Policy supposed to set HDXoverUDP=Off is not working





Since upgrade to 1912 LTSR we have issue to connect to Windows 10 VDA 1912. We had the same issue with Virtual Apps 1912 but it was solved with the Citrix HDX Adaptive Transport Policy set to Off.


1) If I try to connect to a Windows 10 1912 VDA from the internal network (there is no netscaler citrix gateway in this case), then it is not working.

2) If I try to connect to the same VDA from outside the corporate network, then it works.


From internal network, if I open the ica file then I notice that the value HDXoverUDP=Preferred. It should not be the case, because there is the policy enabled. I have also tried a Windows GPO to force this value to OFF


Citrix Components/Citrix Workspace/Network routing
Policy Setting Comment 
Transport protocol for Citrix Workspace Enabled  
Select Communication Protocol for Citrix Workspace Off 

If I edit the ica to replace HDXoverUDP=Preferred by HDXoverUDP=Off and then open the connection, it works.

So 1) How to make HDX 0 Prefered settings working from internal network 2) Most important, why the policy is not working? (VDA 1912 CU2).      Thanks!

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