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Workspace for Windows (Terminalserver 2019) can't add Account (ServerAdress) , with old Receiver or Workspace on Win 10 Client no Problems

Mario Schroumlder


Hey guy's, wish you all a happy new year :0)


The problem is as follow's:


I want to install the Citrix Workspace instead of the Citrix Receiver (because it's old an insecure).


So i install it and reboot the system. After logon and click at the Icon, i'm able to add the

serveradress (without failure). Then i have to input username and password. Right after

that, i get a message, that the hostname could'nt be found. If i ping the adress, it works perfect.


My DNS works fine since years!


If i install the Citrix Workspace (same file) on an windows 10 Client (same Network/DNS/Gateway)

it works like it should.


Is there any problem with Terminalservers? Any configuration i have to to?


Thank's all.

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