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Workspace Installer Bug (Failure when Temp directory is on RAM Disk)

Dominic Papandria


Have seen this now on multiple sequential versions, including v20.12.1.42  and v20.10.0.16.


Setup continues before all dependent subunit packages are extracted to disk from the main executable and installation consequently fails, as does the subsequent attempt to clean up the aborted installation.

System is left with a broken installation. Further attempts to reinstall are unsuccessful.

This only occurs when the Temp directory is located on a RAM disk (in this case, Asus ROG RamDisk v2.03.00) and is rectified if the Temp location is reassigned to a hard disk or NVME).

Problem is likely to be traceable to differential latency that exposes a timing bug in the installation script (no formal wait for extraction to complete prior to continuing subunit installation routines).


I have not encountered any other software installation failures in this system configuration

There are likely to be other low-latency storage media that will cause similar failures of the Workspace installation.


Proposed resolution: modify installer either formally wait for subunit package extraction to complete in the setup script or simply implement better exception handling to retry file access when extraction may not have completed on first attempt.

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