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Citrix Policy: Access Control Filter Element

Kyle Bassman




I use Host to Client Redirection for one of my sites, internally.  i want to BLOCK this when a user is coming in externally.  The logic would be to allow it internally, and disable it externally with an Access Control filter element. There are only 2 options. With or Without NetScaler gateway.  In my case I am not using a NetScaler Gateway, so setting this to without NetScaler Gateway, would contradict my internal setting. If I set it to With NetScaler Gateway, I don't have one, so it doesn't BLOCK host to client redirection for external access.  Any thought on how I could accomplish this for External users when I do not use a NetScaler Gateway ? 


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Differentiation point is a F5.  External is ICA proxy, internal just load-balancing StoreFront. 


Existing setup: NSGW (not using SmartAccess). XA policy set to block w/access filter. Setting the 2 fields with '*'


New setup: F5 does have SmartAccess but the XA policy is not honoring what strings we put in the XA policy access control filter. Also, we are hoping to avoid external users having to run the F5 endpoint inspector. Cant leave the same XA policy, as it doesn't apply when going through F5. 

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Hey Carl...Yep, it is.  Local host file on each SF box with the IP of the F5 VIP in this case.  


I tried using the IP of the F5 VIP in the callback URL (just to try) AND specifying the VServer IP address as well.  This obviously created the CANNOT COMPLETE RQUEST error.  


I reverted back to the FQDDN string instead of the IP address in the callback field, and left the VServer IP address specified. This got me back to regular working order, but its still not honoring the XA policy. 

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