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I would like to have the best method for adjusting User Profile Management for faster login.





I have used Citrix Virtual App on version 7.19x .  I would like to have the best method for adjusting User Profile Management for faster logon. Because every testing, whether the test system or the real system will be more than 25 seconds every time. 

Now I have a test if it's creating a local profile on that machine when logon for domain account.. It takes no more than 10 seconds, but when using User Profile Management. it takes about 40 seconds or more to load the profile until over a minute for same domain account.


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If logon speed is key (we have customers with contractually assured maximum login time):

  • Place filer (VM) in same vlan to eliminate latency added by traversing a traditional firewall. We normally use a dedicated filer VM for just the farm containing user profiles and technical storage for launching apps. 
  • Make sure the volume shared by the filer is using SSDs.

Exclude AppData\Local from profile management, except for folders which are explicitly required (see for example Citrix Docs for roaming start menu, or roming Edge or Chrome without Microsoft/Google account)

Turn on Profile Streaming.


Logon speed largely depends on the number of files contained in the profile and usually not so much on how large the profile is (if profile streaming is enabled!). Using the above guidelines, we for example achieve 1 second profile load time on a profile with about 230MBs in size and about 150 files.



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