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Netscaler VPN Logs Have Incorrect Times

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I am trying to generate a report of a user's logon/logoff times from the netscaler. However, in looking at the results I noticed that the Netscaler logs are randomly reporting that users have logged out when they haven't. 


I tested this with my user account. I see the correct logon time for this morning but the logs are saying that I logged out 30 minutes later, even though I never did. My session is still active so there should not be a logout time. 


Looking at my sessions over the past week I see the same pattern. Every logon is followed  by a logout roughly 30 minutes later, even though my sessions should be spanning several hours each time. 


Any thoughts on what I am seeing??

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For ICA Proxy, there are two different sessions. There's the AAA logon page session that connects you to StoreFront (HTTP protocol). And there's the separate ICA Proxy session (ICA protocol, not HTTP).


Your Gateway Session Policy/Profile (Client Experience tab) might have a timeout of 30 minutes. There's also the StoreFront Receiver for Web timeout. These affect the HTTP session (StoreFront) but not the ICA session.


ICA session timeouts are controlled by VDA Citrix policies or RDSH GPO policies. Look for ICASTART and ICAEND in Syslog for logging of ICA sessions.

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26 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:


Thanks for the answer. This definitely helped. The times look much more accurate now. I am still seeing some strange outliers. For example, yesterday I logged on at 12:29 and my session went until 2:30. 

In the logs I see two log sets for this. One where I login at 12:29 and it says I logout at 12:38. But then the next log says I logged in at 12:38 and logged out at 2:30. So the total session time is accounted for, just not sure why it is being broken into two sessions. 

Either way my results are much better now. Thanks! 


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