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Large desktop display causes Citrix Workspace to not show desktop but connects

Michael Ford1709162519




I opened a ticket with support but they were not helpful at all:

"The Customer Service Team does not provide support for Workspace App/Receiver related issues. Citrix Workspace App/Receiver issues including the configuration of your devices, login issues with user name and passwords, installation and uninstallation of applications are handled by your company’s internal IT team."



I got a new monitor for Christmas that is much wider than the previous one. When I log on to work, I get the window in the dock (I have a Mac, will post specs later) as if I am connected but I do not see a screen. If I close that window, it ask if I want to disconnect. This tells me that it is connecting to work but no screen. I didn't have this issue with the other monitor that I was using. I think that it is a resolution issue. My remote desktop can't support the local resolution. I was unable to find where I can set the default connection screen and windowed.


Set up:

Monitor: Samsung C49RG9x 5120x1440 120Mhz refresh

Computer: MacBookPro 16,1

OS: Big Sur 11.1

Citrix: Current version (not sure the version number and I no longer have it installed but I would like to be current)

Connection method: I log on to work through the web. Once authentication is successful, a ICA profile is downloaded and I use that to launch my connection. I do not have a local profile.


Current status

I uninstalled Workspace and installed the latest version of Receiver (I know that it is deprecated) and I was able to connect. It connected in a window. I tried to maximize the window and it wouldn't take. This leads me to believe that it is a resolution issue. Also, I can connect successfully using a browser and but as you know, the lag is horrible in browser. The problem is something in the Citrix software, not with my work. I am mad that Citrix, the vendor, will not support their own application.


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