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Make VDA command line install match GUI install

Nelson Kaeppel


I am trying to create a VDA silent install that matches the GUI install I perform.  I have found several differences that I cannot figure out how to get around when using command line and I am hoping someone on these forums can help me out.


When I install with a GUI, I select "Brokered" on the first screen.  However I cannot see a way to select Brokered with the command line.  I believe this is then causing my next two problems:

  1. There is an additional service that is present when I used command-line that is not present when I use the GUI: "Citrix Pvs for VMs agent"
  2. There is a file created on the root of C: that I have not seen before on any VDA I have built until I used the command-line installation option: "C:\Personality.ini"


I am assuming the above two are related to the "Brokered" option...but if not, how I set the command-line to prevent this?  I tried using and not using the /optimize and /virtualmachine options - but that seemed to have no affect on the service (I am not sure if it had an affect on the file, as I noticed that only after a few different tests were run).


Finally, there are two Firewall inbound port rules that are not being created when using command-line but are created when using the GUI:

  1. Citrix Audio Redirection Service
  2. Citrix ICA FrameHawk Service


I tried adding the "/enable_framehawk_port" option, but that had no affect.  I notice there is no "S" at the end, but that is what the command-line helper tool from Citrix generated - so that is what I used.


Here is my command-line, sanitized:

VDAServerSetup_1912.exe /controllers "DC1 DC2" /passive /enable_remote_assistance /disableexperiencemetrics /enable_framehawk_port /enable_hdx_ports /enable_hdx_udp_ports /includeadditional "Citrix User Profile Manager" /components vda


Is there something I am missing from the above command-line to make this a "brokered" VDA installation?



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