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power plug type on Netscaler MPX 8900Z

Jeremy Mount

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Well, the cord is specific to countries. It's a tiny US plug in the US, this mighty UK plug in UK and a normal plug in Europe. The appliance got a IEC_60320 C14 coupler. You may use any power cord you like, if it does not come with the right cord. Usually, IT departments own plenty of these cords :15_yum:


You can see the rear view of the appliance here: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hardware-platforms/mpx/netscaler-hardware-platforms/citrix-netscaler-mpx-8900.html


Greetings from sunny but chilly Austria


Johannes Norz




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I guess, the standard grounded US plug. It has to be American standard NEMA 5-15 plug. But anyway, you may use any power cord, as long as *** fits into the IEC_60320 C14  socket on the rear of the appliance.


I moved some appliances from the UK to Europe, Japan and South Africa. I didn't send power cords, but none of the local admins had any question about the plugs. All of them had cords. As the US uses Japan type of plugs, there should not be any problem.


Usually, the appliances come with the right type of power cords. They are made for the US market, so nothing to worry about!


Happy new year!



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