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Citrix occasionally resets profile folders, why??

Tom Lyczko


CVAD 2003 on Windows Server 2019.

Using folder redirection for as many folders as possible.

Despite NOT deleting or renaming the Win2019v6 user 'profile' folder, Citrix IS occasionally resetting people's default folders like favorites, documents, etc. with folder redirection.

This started happening last week after we made MS Edge (Chromium) for Business the default browser within the Citrix servers.

Why would this have started happening??
Are there any registry settings, group policies, or Citrix settings I should look at??

We haven't changed any Citrix policies or settings -- only MS Edge group policies...

It's also causing Outlook to want to be reset as well...

Thank you, Tom


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Just so I understand, you have all your main user folders, desktop, docs, etc, redirected to something like \\share\redirectedfolders and you're using UPM to capture the ntuser.dat? What about AppData?


When you say Citrix is resetting the profile you mean folder redirection has changed so desktop for example is now using C:\users\testuser\desktop rather then \\share\redirectedfolders\testuser1\desktop?

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