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Workspace: Application enumeration delay on desktop

Alex Jester


xendesktop 7.15CU4
Receiver 4.9/4.12 + Workspace 1912, CU1, CU2, 2012
Windows image: 1809/1909

I've been updating our vdi images from receiver 4.12 to workspace 1912. Noticed that applications do not appear on the desktop until 10-15minutes later. We have not seen this behavior in receiver 4.9 or 4.12. I started testing on a test vm and a physical box with workspace 1912,1912CU1, 1912CU2, and 2012. Still seeing an application delay on all the workspace versions. I'm aware that there are registry settings to set min/max time for the refresh, but i'm curious if there were any changes to the application enumeration on workspace or if this is because of an issue in our environment. 

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I have this issue as well, XA 7.15 CU5.  We are still running Receiver 4.9.8 due to this issue.  I have a support case with Citrix, and they have been collecting data, but no answers yet.  I adjusted the InitialRefreshMaxMs, InitialRefreshMinMs, RefreshMs, and SuppressRefreshMs with Citrix support guidance and that didn't help.  Citrix support has escalated to engineering after collecting logs and recording the issue.

 If you want to piggy back on my Citrix case it is #80097995.

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Update:  The Citrix Engineering team had us set a few registry entries that resolved this.  Below are the entries we add post install.  I found these values to cause applications to enumerate within the same ballpark of time of Receiver.



"SuppressRefreshMs" = "0"

Citrix reported the cause as: "with Receiver 4.9, the shortcut enumeration was part of PreLaunch, so it was faster at logon. WorkspaceApp does not have the same logic, so some registry keys are required to force enumeration to happen faster."

We asked the Citrix Engineering team about setting the "InitialRefreshMin/MaxMs" to 1 as I have seen other say they have done.  The response was those wouldn't do anything as the value is too small. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I tested and it didn't do anything for me.

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