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Elevation privilege not working correct

Ulf Johansson1709162158




I was going to demonstrate WEM and elevation privilege feature for a customer and did not get it to work as I wanted.

I added Notepad.EXE and even a path to a downloaded application in a folder on local Xenapp server(C:\temp) in WEM.

And of course is elevation privilege in WEM enabled.

Notepad would not start at all, not even when clicking on a txt filed associated to Notepad, and in the path (C:\Temp) there was an application downloaded that a user should be able to install.

But when clicking on the all exe files in the path, nothing happened.....

Removing the policies and I got an Elevation prompt for all exe files in path, and notepad started again.

What have I missed? I wanted notepad to start elevated so user could save a text file to C:\ as by default not allowed if you don't runt notepad with elevated rights




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