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Append a slash to URL if it isnt there

Rondall Stewart

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We are using NetScaler 13.0 to direct several URLs to the proper internal path.  Users hit our sights with Name1.example.com, name2...., etc...  I use the below policies to manipulate the URLs


Name.1.example.com works and redirects to https://internal.example.com/Exampledirectory/ without issue.  The problem comes in when https://Name.1.example.com/Exampledirectory is manually without the tailing "/".  Is there a way to append the "/" at the end of the URL if it is not there?





 show responder action Exampledirectory
        Name: Exampledirectory
        Operation: redirect
        Target: "/Exampledirectory/"
        ResponseCode: 302

 show responder policy Exampledirectory_res_pol
        Name: Exampledirectory_res_pol
        Rule: HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("Name1.example.com") && HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("/")
        Responder Action: Exampledirectory
        UndefAction: Use Global
        LogAction: None
        Hits: 5091
        Undef Hits: 0

 show transform action Av2Name1.example.com
        Name: Av2Name1.example.com
                Profile: Av2Exampledirectory
                Priority: 101   State: ENABLED
                reqUrlFrom: https://Name1.example.com/
                reqUrlInto: https://internal.example.com/
                resUrlFrom: https://internal.example.com/
                resUrlInto: https://Name1.example.com/
                cookieDomainFrom: Name1.example.com
                cookieDomainInto: internal.example.com
        Comment: New URL transformation for Exampledirectory

show transform policy Av2Exampledirectory-Pol
        Name: Av2Exampledirectory-Pol
        Rule: HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("Name1.example.com")
        Profile: Av2Exampledirectory
        Hits: 1271617
        Undef Hits: 0

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Why don't you use something like HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("my/URL") || Why don't you use something like HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("my/URL/")?


You could also use HTTP.REQ.URL.REGEX_MATCH(re//my/url/?) (the ? means, 0 or 1 of the previous character)


Greetings from Austria, marry Christmas


Johannes Norz




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