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Multiple DC's and domains - single portal



So I've got a unique situation I'm trying to accomplish.  I have an existing site with 2 DC's on Virtual Apps 7.15 on domain corp.companyA.com.  We're standing up a new domain for one of our subs and I want the users in the subsidiary to be able to login to their own portal and have apps published from their portal but also have apps published from site A in their portal.  Their domain is corp.companyB.com.  I have the Citrix site up and running for the sub and I can login and launch apps from their portal.  I have a trust relationship set up between the domains.  However, if I add userB from corp.companyB.com to an application in Citrix site corp.companyA.com, I can't get the app to show up in the companyB portal for the user.  I have the delivery controllers from both domains configured in the site.  Not seeing any errors, just no apps.


Any ideas/suggestions?

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