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MS Teams Optimization issue

Charlie Ting


My environment is 1912 CU2 on the Windows 10 VDA.  The Teams installed in VDA shows up "Citrix HDX Optimized". The issue is below

1. On personal device, start Citrix session. Make Teams call to another device who’s on regular Teams over WAN (not Citrix session) – Video lagging.

2. On the device (not Citrix session). Makes Teams call to Citrix session device – No video lagging.


Now if both devices run Citrix sessions, there's no video lagging when calling each other, so I don't understand why a Citrix session calling the other party who is not using Citrix,  the video lags. 

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What version of Workspace App is the client using?  if they are on LTSR Workspace App it removes the chomium engine that Teams acceleration can utilize.


When both sessions are on Citrix they can use direct routing to each other, and not have to go through any POPs for connectivity, so you will see better performance.

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