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VM-Ressources of MCS deployed workers do no get changed after catalog update

Lutz Schumann


Hi Citrix-Folks,


I followed the procedure in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX229033 to increase RAM and CPU for MCS provisioned Workers.

I then confirmed, that the new values are saved in the prov-scheme and imageoutofdate=true is set for the particular Workers.


When I rebooted them via Studio I also saw that a reconfiguration task in vCenter took place, but It seems this does not include an adjustment of vCPU / RAM ressources as defined in the prov-scheme, which is pretty bad. Luckily this are only a bunch of Workers so I can do this manually. But this means that I have to develop a script, which catches the values from the prov-scheme and (if they differ and maintenance is set) manually shutdown the VMs and adjust the values. I expected a logic like that to be included in MCS. 


I'm aware that this seems to likely be only for newly provisioned Workers but this is not clearly mentioned in the article and I think I read is somewhere before so I was hoping this had changed in the meantime. Or does one of the later verions (using 1912 without CU) Change this behavoiur ?


Greetings from Germany ..

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I noticed, that info from Get-ProvVM (CPUcount, & MemoryMB) also do not reflect the current status but rather that one from the creation time.

I wonder if there is a design guideline to not update the database.


And I hope this will not lead to issues at any later point as we'll adjust the workers manually.

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