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Any way to fix a Chrome "Mixed Content" issue on the NetScaler side?

Melinda Deering

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My ADC VPX is running NS12.1 57.18.nc and load balancing an app that recently started throwing an error in Chrome about insecure form content. A quick Google search indicates a new feature of Chrome will cause this: https://blog.chromium.org/2020/08/protecting-google-chrome-users-from.html. Of course the developers are all hopping up and down and blaming the load balancer and telling me I need to fix this. I am understandably reluctant to accommodate http requests, and wondering if there is a more secure workaround for this problem. And they really should rewrite their code.

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I think, that won't work, as the browser has to submit via HTTP before it actually gets a redirect to SSL.


In fact, it's the application guilty. It uses absolute links, containing http://... instead of https://...


Of course, you may fix this from ADC. Crerate a rewriting policy, type response, rewriting all http://mydomain.test/... to https://mydomain.test/...

Mind: You have to enable the feature HTTP compression to make this working, as compressed HTTP responses don't contain the search string!


Greetings from Austria


Johannes Norz




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