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Leftover vmdk-Files from MCS

Lutz Schumann


Hi Folks,


I did a DataStore-Migration of MCS-Cataloges and still see some lingering vmdks in old baseDisk Folders, which use a different name-scheme and are not used anywhere.

They always have the date inside the name, like this one here:




After I migrated all Machine-Catalogs off a DataStore,  recereated all workers and wait for the cleanup to clear the disks, this particular files stayed there, however I could even dismount the datastore without any issues. So I guess these can be safely removed. Where do they come from ?


I also have some of there on a datastore where only the master-images reside (all other reside on a separate, ssd-backed store).

Can I always be sure that it is ok to remove them ?


It seems, these files also do never appear in "imagestodelete" Jobs.


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