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Drawing in Windows Photos freezes Desktop

Baumgartner AG


Hey Guys


I could not find anything about this so I decided to post the question here. Don't know if it's a Windows 10 issue or Citrix...


When running a published Desktop with Windows 10 2004 and VDA 2009, user opens a Picture with Windows Photos App by double clicking it. Then clicks on edit and create, and then on draw. Then, after the first line he's drawing, the whole desktop freezes. There is no more action possible anymore. File type does not matter as far as I can say, it happened with JPG as well as with PNG. I was able to fully reproduce this in my test enviroment. It happens 100% of every first time I try to draw on a picture with photos app, no matter what drawing tool is used. I left it in freezed state to see if the session would ever be come back itself, and it does. After several  minutes, the session can be used again, and also drawing will work from there...


Dunno what this bug is, maybe someone here can help or experienced the same thing.


We also use NVIDIA Tesla t4-2b profile by the way.


Regards, Cedy

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On 8/3/2021 at 8:38 AM, Dominic Stenger said:

Hey Cedy,


we experience the same issue. Do you ever solved it?




Hi Dominic


Unfortunately not... Microsoft didn't give a sh** and Citrix also could not help, because they blame it on microsoft, even though the problem does not occur on Windows 10 Clients, only on Citrix.


I ended up advising the users to not use the drawing function of Windows Photos.


Regards, Cedy

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