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Can you explain what's the difference between set CIC in SIDECAR NS_DEPLOYMENT_MODE?


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As far as I know, the pool-member-type parameter in F5's CIS could be set as NODEPORT or CLUSTERIP to have the pool member ip in F5 always be nodeIP or pod ip no matter users change the kind: service type as clusterIP or nodePort.

To make CIC always configured service in serviceGroup as pod IP, set NS_DEPLOYMENT_MODE as SIDECAR could achieve this goal, but once CIC in SIDECAR mode, MPX/VPX will not get kind:service type: loadBalancer be configured in NS.


What I need CIC to do is just like F5' CIS to have consistent server IP in serviceGroup and get kind: service type: loadBalancer be configured in NS.




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Hi @raphael1688


Thanks for your query.

I suppose the requirement is to have  one global option for CIC that can regulate the configuration of servicegroup member bindings to use either NodeIP:NodePort or POD_IP irrespective of servicekind(NodePort or ClusterIP).

I have have a query here . This seems fine when the global option points is set to CLUSTERIP, but if the global option is set to NodePort and if service is defined as clusterIP then it can't be configured as we won't have required nodeports.What is the behavior you are expecting here ?

Also can you please throw some more light on the deployment. I suppose this requirement you are looking predominantly for standalone CIC configuring VPX/MPX ?  


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