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Citrix Receiver for Web Sites versus original Workspace app user Interface? Current Opinions?

Kevin Smith1709152583




Many years ago when we moved to XenDesktop and XenApp 7.6, we switched over to using only the Citrix Receiver for Web Sites option for our entire environment except mobile devices.


We had many issues with using the Citrix Receiver app itself and found switching to the website access only to solve a lot of our issues with agent corruption on upgrades and orphaned desktop shortcuts and orphaned settings in user profiles.  Receiver caching issues were also a problem whenever apps were updated or changed.  The apps wouldn't launch properly.


It recently came up to reconsider going back to using the app itself to launch resources as according to Citrix, it  "provides the best user experience and the greatest functionality".


I am reluctant to go back but admit perhaps I am out of touch with what most of you all are seeing out there.  


Who uses what interface these days for displaying their citrix resources?



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I am only a user with no access to the server side.


I have used for a long time the web portal to log onto my company network and found that I often have to close the browser and restart as the page does not load well the 2nd 3rd time round.


So I then managed to get selfservice and storebrowse to work (linux) which in my opinion offer a better desktop integration.

This too suffers from timeout and login issues and recently one of my remote machine constantly times out.


This issue seems to happen in linux and has not been observer with the windows receiver app.


I had to move back to the web portal authentication and found a way to customise the settings (basically the lack of tool bar).


I have the impression there are tons of options which probably cover most of the use cases, but unfortunately zero documentation.

Add the fact that my company IT support can only reply with "scripted" answers, there is a lot of frustration on something that could easily be much simpler.

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